Jalen Ramsey: Deshaun Watson is “extremely serious” about not playing for Texans again

Multiple reports and accounts have emerged since the end of the 2020 regular season indicating that quarterback Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston. More and more reports and accounts indicate that he’ll never play for the Texans again.

Along the way, no one has said, reported, or suggested that Watson is merely bluffing or posturing.

The latest person to echo Watson’s concerns is Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Appearing on the Huddle & Flow podcast, Ramsey said this of Watson: “I highly doubt he will suit up in a Texans’ uniform again. He’s extremely serious.”

Ramsey’s position isn’t guesswork or informed speculation. He’s represented by the same agent, David Mulugheta, who handles Watson. Also, Ramsey has been there, done that when it comes to getting away from a team for which he doesn’t want to play. Watson had a front-row seat for that fight; at one point while Ramsey was trying to get out of Jacksonville, a photo emerged of Watson, Ramsey, and Mulugheta in Houston.

So, yes, Watson means what he says, even if he has yet to say it publicly. The Texans know, but (unless they are merely bluffing or posturing) they seem to be intent on letting his play out instead of maximizing their return in a trade now.

When I was five, I was fascinated by the metal cover over the pilot light on the stove. As I reached my finger, ET-style, toward it, my mother kept saying, “You’re gonna burn your finger. . . . You’re gonna burn your finger.” And yet I still kept reaching for the metal cover over the pilot light on the stove, until I touched it and burned my finger.

Basically, the Texans appear to be the five-year-old version of me. We’re all telling them what’s going to happen if they draw a line in the sand with Watson, but maybe they need to experience it before they realize that what they’re being told is true.